Listen to RRN on Your Smartphone

We hope to have a fully functional RRN app someday soon, but in the meantime there are a number of easy and free ways to listen to the latest shows on the Revelations Radio Network utilizing already existing apps available at various app stores.

For Android or non-iphone users:

unnamedWe reccomed the free app called Podcast Addict available at the Google Play Store

It’s pretty easy to set up. The only thing you will have to do is add the Revelations Radio Network RSS feed which is as follows:

One important note is that after you add the RNN feed you will need to hit the refresh button to see the latest shows.

For Iphone users:
Iphones have a built-in ipod-music app, but there are many cheap alternatives that function more like the one for android.
The same thing applies for these apps, simply add our RSS feed and you can begin streaming the latest RRN content.

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RRN is also available on Stitcher for Iphone or Android: